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Warehouse TPO Roof Restoration Project

Read how we transformed this warehouse's roof that was constantly leaking on inventory to a bulletproof, functional roof once again!

This business owner was tired of having his inventory and equipment saturated from leaks during heavy rain storms. He needed a long term solution for a major problem; to keep his warehouse and his employees dry. Often times when we come across these types of roofs, we find they are made of corrugated metal with make shift skylights to allow for light to enter. These types of metal structures are prone to major leaks due to exposed screw heads that will rust over time.

Our solution for this type of roof structure was quite simple. Below is what we did to remedy the leaks and stop them once and for all:

  1. Removed all of the make shift skylights and fastened new metal panels in their place

  2. Installed Styrofoam flute fills in between the metal panels to provide for an even, smooth surface

  3. Laid down insulation boards across the roof line and mechanically fastened with screws directly to the deck

  4. Installed 60 Mil TPO membrane. The seams were then welded together for a nice, tight finish

  5. Flashed all roof penetrations and installed drip edge along the perimeter where needed

Check out our gallery below documenting our process:

Project Gallery

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