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Storm Damaged Roof Paid For By Home Owner's Insurance

Find out how this client had their entire roof paid for by home owner's insurance after recent storm damage.

Hail damage is a very subtle type of storm damage. The extent of the damage it causes can be long term and may not be discovered until it is too late. It can take a year for leaks to appear after hail has impacted your roof. Luckily for this client, he took action once he realized that a recent hail storm passed over his home. After inspection and documentation of our findings, we consulted and shared photos with the homeowner. We even went a step further and helped this client get a rebate back from the manufacturer due to the severe, pre-mature blistering and aging of the shingles.

We met with the insurance adjuster and they agreed to pay for the roof replacement due to the hail damage. You can check out the photos below to see our beautiful transformation.

One thing to always remember: It is very important to make sure you are working with a contractor that knows how to qualify a roof for a claim. We take pride in carefully inspecting every roof. Finding a reliable, honest contractor can be a daunting task. We are here to eliminate your worries and help you understand the process from start to finish so that you can make the decision that is best for you!

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