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Spearing Isn't Just for Fishing!

Sometimes we get called for repairs due to tree limbs puncturing the roof line. See what this client was up against after a violent storm passed through their area.

When a large tree branch spearheads your roof, it's not always easy to see or realize it until leaks start to happen. Luckily for this homeowner, they were home during a strong storm that passed through their area. After noticing water in their kitchen, they hopped on the roof and realized that a tree branch punctured a hole the size of a softball in their brand new roof. Thinking fast, they grabbed anything they could find to temporarily hold off any additional leaks. Using a couple of extra license plates and a trash bag, they quickly patched the area until we were able to come out the next day.

Repair Process:

  1. Removed the damaged shingles and underlayment

  2. Fastened a new piece of decking to rest flush with the surrounding deck boards

  3. Installed new underlayment and shingles to cover the impacted area

  4. Replaced the broken vent cap on the furnace vent to complete the repair

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