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Discontinued Shingles and Storm Damage Means A New Roof for You!

Discontinued shingles are considered non-repairable in the event they suffer from wind and/or hail damage. Find out why you may want to take a closer look at your roof before the next storm season.

We were contacted to inspect this roof once the client realized that they had a leak in their top floor ceiling after a recent storm. Upon arrival, we discovered that the roof had the discontinued, CertainTeed Horizon shingles installed. These particular shingles have a reputation for pre-mature blistering and cracking. Not only that, but they are more prone to wind damage and exposing the roof to future leaks, yikes! Once we were on the roof, we noticed multiple areas with significant wind damage resulting in shingles being torn off completely, exposing the decking underneath. We were able to find the source of the main leaks and tarp over them. This held the client over while we assisted them in setting up a claim to have their roof inspected by a qualified insurance adjuster to assess the damages.

Once the claim was filed, we met with the insurance adjuster at the property and walked the roof with them in order to point out areas of concern. The good news for this client was that since there was no comparable match to this discontinued shingle, the entire new roof was paid for by their home owner's insurance. You can check out the transformation photos below to see what a difference it makes to get a quality roofing system installed.

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